I have created this section to provide users with a few links to websites that I consider important for people interested in travel, photography, and nature. I hope these small windows to interesting parts of this infinite and fascinating Internet world are helpful.

After four years of hard work, thousands of hours in front of the computer and hundreds of kilometers trodden, finally my second book: "HIMALAYA" is out on libraries. This is a project done with huge amounts of love and enthusiasm, and it will go on sale in bookstores throughout Spain under the seal of Lunwerg and the magnificent support of Grupo Planeta. In it you can find 180 pictures of my recent trips to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, plus a sensational prologue written by Almudena Grandes. I hope you like it ... and that you will want to buy a copy!!! YOU CAN SEE A SAMPLE OF THE FIRST 50 PICTURES OF THIS WORK CLICKING HERE.


I would like to continue with a personal recommendation, the website of the nation's top publisher of illustrated books, Lunwerg. It has an extensive catalog and the quality of the work is unbeatable. In addition, I now have the amazing privilege of being included in its fantastic library with my first book, which is titled "BURMA". You can buy it from this section or ACCESING THE "ONLINE STORE".


If you wish to be updated on the latest galleries, posts, news and more about this bebsite, you can do so ACCESING MY FACEBOOK PAGE "TANIA ABITBOL. TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY".


FOLLOWING THE TERRIBLE EARTHQUAKES THAT SHOOK NEPAL IN EARLY 2015, THOUSANDS OF ORPHANS NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER!!! Many of them, like the children who appear in the photographs of the gallery "BAL MANDIR", have lost their homes. Despite the terrible circumstances that surround their world, these friendly, polite, and affectionate children always welcome you with a big smile in their heart. RUTA6 is a non-profit association that has been taking care of them for years in a number of ways, such as by providing educational scholarships or money for food, medicine, and clothing. Suporting them you can also help to improve their lives. DO NOT HESITATE, ACT!!!


This section also includes links to the websites of my three favorite travel photographers: Steve McCurry, Olivier Föllmi and Steve Bloom. They are a clear example of professionalism and humanity, and their beautiful images are an endless source of inspiration for me.

If you are thinking of creating your own website, I recommend selecting one that will provide a high degree of long-term support. My preferred choice is Arcadina, without a doubt. Throughout the long and arduous process of creating my site, these amazing professionals have proven to be a completely reliable and efficient company.

One of the best sites for posting photos is Flickr. This website will share your work with millions of photography lovers and allow you to view thousands of high-quality images related to a wide array of subjects. Some of the photos can also be printed and mounted for a very reasonable price. Another great tool available on the Internet is Pinterest, a place where millions of users can save and classify images and themes in order to share them with other users.

If you like the idea of traveling with the peace of mind provided by a large company that offers exclusive, exquisite, and 100% personalized service, visit any Nuba location for additional information. With years of experience, they organize custom trips with an eye for even the smallest details. In my opinion, this is the best travel agency in the country.

If you are looking for a travel company that offers a wide array of alternatives, visit DeViaje. Located in the heart of Madrid, this beautiful establishment is a travel agency and a store that specializes in travel books as well as clothing and accessories for adventures. Aside from the fantastic service they provide, if they don't have what you are looking for, they will do everything in their power to find it.

One of the most comprehensive stores for buying and selling photography products is Fotocasion. They have a great website where you can buy anything you need from the comfort of your home. However, their Madrid location is worth a visit. The store is fantastic and the customer service is extremely professional and friendly.

Since I love animals and nature, I collaborate with a number of non-profit associations that focus on improving the quality of life of different species that share the planet with us. I have prepared a small list so you can help this wounded world that is so much in need. Save the Elephants, Save the Earth, El Refugio, SOS Galgos, Greenpeace, IFAW, PETA