After four years of intense work, thousands of hours in front of the computer and hundreds of kilometers walked, finnaly my second book entiteled "HIMALAYA" has seen the light.



This is a project done with huge amounts of love and enthusiasm, which goes on sale in bookstores throughout Spain under the seal of Lunwerg and the magnificent support of the Planeta publishing.



Through it I have tried to show, with great respect and humility, the essence of such magnificent place and the beauty of the noble soul of its people.




In its pages you can find 180 pictures of my recent trips to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, the Himalayan kingdoms ... plus a sensational foreword by Almudena Grandes. I hope you like it ... and that you will want to buy a copy !!! You can verver a sample of the first 50 shots of the same accessing "HIMALAYA PROYECT".



Today I write on this blog with a huge joyfulness, because I do it to share with you some great news: for the second consecutive year I managed to reach the final of "Travel Photographer of the Year", the most prestigious travel photography contest...and this time in two different categories!!! This is a great event in the world of cameras, in which thousands of images of photographers from 114 countries are presented. That is why this recognition fills me with pride and happiness, and gives me wings to continue working, with even more enthusiasm, in what I feel like the great passion of my life. They will announce the overall winners in mid-December...but this badge that I share with all of you today is already mine!!!



You can learn more about this contest accesing to "Travel Photographer of the Year".



I am a passionate about travel and photography, and I feel very fortunate for the incredible opportunity that life has given me, to be able to devote body and soul to this beautiful profession. For me, there is nothing better in the world than contemplating it through my cameras. Each of the experiences along these years, every show of affection, every smile .... reaffirm to me in the fact that nothing makes me happier than to share my time with all those wonderful people who cross on my way.

On the other hand, for an artist there is nothing more beautiful than to share her work with others. Being able to convey all that beauty that I witness on numerous occasions through my images is the great challenge that I posed in each of my trips. And when I get it, when the excitement of that brief moment is captured in them, and it is able to reach the heart of the person who is contemplating them, I feel very proud of what I do.


To all this, which is sincerely for me the most important thing, what really matters and what fills my soul with happiness, another reason for joy has been added recently. Because last year I became one of the finalist at the world's most prestigious travel photography contest: "TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR". Every year, thousands of photographers over a hundred different countries presents their best images and the level is very to me, it is a great honour to be part of the few selected ones.

And I have to admit that, beyond the obvious joy that I feel after seeing my work being recognized, this award gives me wings and lots of confidence....and it reaffirms to me in the fact that the road I have marked in my profession is the right one.

You can get more information about the contest accesing to "Travel Photographer of the year".


With this post to my blog I would just like to share a recent interview I did for Arcadina, company dedicated exclusively to design websites for photographers. It is them who have made it possible to renew mine, that after several weeks of hard fighting with the computer, I have to say that it looks spectacular. They are a group of young entrepreneurs with a great desire to work and to improve every day, and both the technical and  the human support that I get from them is truly tremendous. So if you are planning to create a website, do not hesitate, contact them !!!

And if you want to have a look at the issues we talked about in the interview, this is the link to do:

Tania Abitbol, ​​travel photographer, "With my website, a window to an infinite world of possibilities for expansion opens up"

It's a pretty complete article, where you can get a better idea of ​​how I face my dreams, as well as my way of understanding and interpreting this wonderful world of cameras. I hope you like it!!!

You can have more information about Arcadina accesing their website.