After four years of intense work, thousands of hours in front of the computer and hundreds of kilometers walked, finnaly my second book entiteled "HIMALAYA" has seen the light.



This is a project done with huge amounts of love and enthusiasm, which goes on sale in bookstores throughout Spain under the seal of Lunwerg and the magnificent support of the Planeta publishing.



Through it I have tried to show, with great respect and humility, the essence of such magnificent place and the beauty of the noble soul of its people.




In its pages you can find 180 pictures of my recent trips to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, the Himalayan kingdoms ... plus a sensational foreword by Almudena Grandes. I hope you like it ... and that you will want to buy a copy !!! You can verver a sample of the first 50 shots of the same accessing "HIMALAYA PROYECT".



Today I write on this blog with a huge joyfulness, because I do it to share with you some great news: for the second consecutive year I managed to reach the final of "Travel Photographer of the Year", the most prestigious travel photography contest...and this time in two different categories!!! This is a great event in the world of cameras, in which thousands of images of photographers from 114 countries are presented. That is why this recognition fills me with pride and happiness, and gives me wings to continue working, with even more enthusiasm, in what I feel like the great passion of my life. They will announce the overall winners in mid-December...but this badge that I share with all of you today is already mine!!!



You can learn more about this contest accesing to "Travel Photographer of the Year".


I have to say, without any doubt, that the greatest treasure that I bring with me from each one of my trips is the affection of many of the people with whom I meet along the way.

Clearly, all those pictures that back home do materialise in books, exhibitions and awards are extremely valuable to me; but none of this compares to the feeling of well-being that gives me the fact of connecting, even only for a few minutes, with wonderful people, people who can be happy with very little and that with his kindness and warmth always leave an indelible mark on my heart.

I often  hear positive comments about my work, pointing in particular at the capacity I have to transmit emotions through my photographs. And I try to explain that the key to this is to look around you with a wide open soul and to share it with the people that you get the chance to meet.

In many occasions, when I stop to chat with someone, we don't even speak the same language.....but I can assure you that the one of kindness and courtesy is universal. As in the case of these images that I share with you today. During a car ride traveling through Tibet we came across this lovely old woman in the middle of nowhere. I indicated to the driver to stop immediately and I got off the vehicle with a big smile on my face, anticipating the excitement I would feel being able to share a bit of my time with someone as special as her. And I was right!!! It was an absolutely adorable woman, full of love and positive energy (despite such harsh and adverse circumstances surrounding her world), with a tremendous enthusiasm to be able to communicate with me and show me her affection. It was an endearing moment, like so many others that I have the immense privilege to live in the company of my cameras....moments that reaffirm me on my passion for travel photography and greatly enrich my heart.

You can see the rest of this work accesing the gallery "TIBET, THE ROOF OF THE WORLD".

One of the most exciting adventures I face in my travels is the challenge of capturing those brief instants in which I am able to convey all the beauty of the human soul through a single photograph. It is obvious that our poor planet is very ill, and it is clear that we are primarily responsible for most of its wounds. However, along the way, I also have the tremendous pleasure of  meeting many people with an amazing capacity of being happy, despite the adversities that surround their world, and the opportunity of sharing wonderful moments with them....moments that remind me that it is a place full of magic, kindness, and hope.

There are many different ways of understanding and interpreting art, of processing and capture our environment. I always try to do so through beauty....and what can be more beautiful in this world than the gift of a warm and sincere smile? With this post I would to thank all those people that have brightened my heart with it along the way.

You can see the rest of this work accesing the gallery "SMILES"....I hope you like it!!!

One of the great challenges presented in photography is the ability to convey emotions through a single image. Whether it's a landscape, an everyday scene or a portrait of someone in particular, it is absolutely essential that the brief moment captured in the photograph generates some kind of emotional response in the person who is contemplating it.

To achieve this, we must keep in mind a few factors. For starters, you have to be able to be an integrated part of the environment that surrounds the scene you want to portray, to be one more, not draw attention, to make people around you feel that you are happy to share with them that specific moment in time, and that you respect it completely. It is also essential to be able to create some sort of emotional attachment to the scene; if it is a landscape, feel his greatness, and if what you are looking for are portraits of people, get involved in some way with them, create that fine bond of mutual recognition, talk for a while, be kind and respectful....I can assure you that the brief connection you've created among you will be reflected in your picture. Finally, you have to be very attentive to those moments in which the essence of the human soul is shown at its best: a woman stroking her baby, a bunch of friends having fun together, a mother and daughter embraced walking down the street....the possibilities are endless, especially if you look around with eyes and heart wide open.
It is obvious that not everybody perceive and interpret the world around us in the same way.

My priority is, undoubtedly, to be able to attract, capture and convey through my work all that beautiful part that lives in our hearts. I am well aware that this poor world of us is broken, and that we are the major responsibles for much of its wounds; but the magnificent landscapes full of life, as well as the countless expressions of affection that I find along the way in places as punished by adversity, make me feel that not everything is lost, that there will always be a place for magic and beauty to flourish....And I look for them with great enthusiasm, because this is my way to stand up, with the help of my cameras, to all that greed, selfishness and abuse of power that I sometimes witness.

So my advice is for you to look deep inside yourself, to have your priorities and your illusions strait before starting the adventure. It is essential that you go with an open mind, but also with a clear and definite idea of ​​your intentions before shooting the camera. And as I always say .... ENJOY THE HUGE PRIVILEGE OF TRAVEL!!!

You can see a good example of what's been said in this post accesing the gallery "FRIENDS"...I hope you like it!!!